Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Heavenly Rocks

This extremely beautiful  alpine massif is located  in the central part of Balkan Mountain , immediately beneath south-eastern slopes of peak Botev . It is constituted of gigantic rock belt with  rounded  and rolled rocks  traversed by herbal balconies . The height of the massif ranges from 100 to 200 meters  in his different parts.
The waterfall  “Pruskaloto” (Sprinkle)  separates Elysian massive on east and west. The west part of it is situated on the left side of the waterfall. It is characteristic with alternating doorway  an one over another located rocks, with many herbal balconies .

The eastern part is more bluff and monolithic and there is explicitly slatey  character.
The rocks of the massive are built by gneisses and granites, the cardinal saxicolous mass – from thick diabases  and Filithes  stratified on calcareous settlingses. Their surface is flat in most cases and therefore is friable. This makes danger from falling rocks and stones. On the other hand, slits are superficially which limits opportunities for safely knocked  alpine pitons.
The first attempt for climbing the walls around  hut “RAI” (Heaven)  are from 1949, when  Tzanko Bangiev, Ivan Staikov and Blagoi Hristov have attempted  for the first time to climb the eastern part of the array.

The southern slopes of Peak Botev are hard inclined, and in some places cutoff from plumb rocks. Immediately under the peak are located the site Djendema (meaning “the hell”) and hut RAI. These are two huge labyrinths by rock-precipices as well with the falling waters of the mountain streams. They bring beautiful waterfalls, being named at this end “sprinkles”. The Djendem is the most un  accessible abyss in the Kalofer mountain. It is enclosed by bluff southwest slope’s  of the Maluk Kupen and the northeast slope’s of Chafardica called  "Chamluka". Between them with deafening noise had dripped  the river of Kalofer Sprinkle, eastern from the peak of Haidut. The homegrown population name this precipice Елидере (50 rivers).



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